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OpenDocs – Plugin for the oXygen XML Editor


Hi oXygen users,

do you know these situations? You are working hard with oXygen and because you are working so hard, you have hundreds of files open in oXygen. In any case, you lose your focus… How can you get it back?

Well, you can close all files and reopen only the files being in your focus.

Problem A: If some files in your focus are not in your project, you need to search for them on your drive.

Problem B: Some files in your focus are not saved or are newly generated. In order to close and reopen them, you first need to save them on your drive. This can be much and unintended work, because you don’t want to save them anyway.

That’s why I started to develop my OpenDocs oXygen plugin. The idea of the plugin is that you have a better overview of which files are currently opened in the oXygen XML Editor. By using this plugin, you are also able to close multiple files – but not all – with only one click.

The following example actions can be performed with only a few clicks:

  • Closing all files except for a specific set of files.
  • Closing all open files which have a specific extension (e.g. all .xml files).
  • Reopening up to the last 50 files which were closed before.
  • Closing all files which have unsaved changes – with saving or without saving.
  • Compare two open files.

How to install the OpenDocs plugin?


  • oXygen XML Editor >= version 16.1 (Full Edition or Developer)
  • I only tested on Windows 7.

Download the plugin

Current release (v 0.8)

By downloading, you agree to the OpenDocs oXygen plugin EULA.

Installation instructions

You only have to unzip the downloaded ZIP folder and copy the OpenDocs folder into the plugins folder of your oXygen installation directory. Then you have to restart the oXygen.

Now, the OpenDocs plugin should appear on the right side of the oXygen XML Editor window.

So have fun with my little tool. I hope it will help you working with oXygen. If you have any questions, read the following short documentation or contact me.